Say Good-Bye to
Schedule-Based Care

Healiom connects you to a specialist in less than 10
minutes, anytime, anywhere. No scheduling required.

Say hello to:

Instant Care

Quality x3

Longitudinal Health

When it comes to your health, every minute feels like hours especially in the middle of the night. When you are in pain, every minute and second count. Get on-demand virtual care with Healiom. No appointment necessary.

“I’ve been in healthcare for over 40 years, and the one thing I’ve learned as a patient, caregiver, and healthcare professional is that speed to care = better outcomes.”

Carla Gallegos
Partnerships, Healiom

What happens when two doctors & an AI work with and care for a patient?

Answer: Better healthcare!

“I oversee 200+ doctors & 100k+ encounters per year. A care model with two physicians collaborating on every case will dramatically improve quality. Add AI, I’m sure we will deliver the best care at human scale.”

Venkata Allada, MD
Clinical Ops, Healiom

With Healiom, the patient’s data follows the patient. Comprehensive data, along with AI, support and empower providers to personalize care. Continuity of data allows for continuity of care. Imagine a connected healthcare infrastructure.

“As a nocturnist ER doctor I’m often the “only doctor” available. Having the ability to consult specialists not available in the hospital and to activate the entire ecosystem with one click allows me to deliver the best care for patients in the hospital and after they are discharged.”

Sean Howse, MD, MBA
Clinical Product, Healiom

Healiom works for:

Finally stress free care.
No scheduling
Why does it always feel like there are 100s of people ahead of you to see a specialist. Because the national average wait time is 24 days.
Accuracy with
Wonder why QA does not exist in healthcare? We did too. So we made it a reality! With Healiom you get TWO doctors, no extra cost, plus an AI.
Worry about insurance
No longer will you have to ask a specialist “Do you accept my insurance?” With Healiom care comes first, paperwork second.
Having the simple joy of providing care again.
Shift required
Tired of 12 hour shifts? With Healiom you can provide remote care from your home or anywhere you choose. Flexible work time is now possible.
Hours, get paid
Healiom will pay you within 24 hours after each completed satisfactory service encounter or QA/review. You deserve to be paid for your work when you do it.
Live support
Formalizing curbside consults on demand so you are supported when you need. With Healiom you can access a specialist and together, provide synchronous care.
A sustainable environment as it should always be.
30-day readmission
Healiom is your partner. Our Providers can care for patients experiencing mid-level acuity, especially within 30 days after discharge.
ER waiting time
Is your waiting room in the ER packed with people waiting for hours to get care? On Healiom your providers can care for many patients virtually from their homes.
Better together
Formalizing curbside consults on demand so you are supported when you need. With Healiom you can access a specialist and together, provide synchronous care.
Offering you a plan to support your health is our only goal.
Healiom is the alternative to an ER visit for patients with mid level acuity. Faster care = better outcomes + cost efficiency.
Meeting local demand with global resources. Made possible with a QA/review process. Fast access = better care + better outcomes.
Meeting local needs with a global network. Made possible with a new ops model that connects the healthcare ecosystem. Care without borders.
Specialist care whenever you need it, even if you don’t know you need it.
A Dynamic Multi-Speciality Network + Collaboration Platform + AI to support those with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
Healiom App
Helping Specialists and the Health System care for consumers on demand.
Healiom applies MapReduce concepts to every health task with a distributed service and AI platform, creating a scalable framework to realize the best human powered + AI driven interactions
Bridging Today’s and Tomorrow’s Health
Stacks With Global Partners
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How Healiom is Different?
Teledoc Other TeleHealth Healiom
Primary care visit (ESI 5) Yes Yes X
A telehealth company Yes Yes X
Scheduling required Yes Yes No
Video feature X X X
24/7 access to mid level acuity
specialist care (ESI 2-4)
24/7 access to specialist care (ESI 2-4)
< 10 minutes
Provider peer support - curbside consults X X X
New ops platform for healthcare systems X X X
An AI Global Manage Market Network Healthcare Platform X X X
Longitudinal Data Platform X X X
Built By A Global Team with Care, Passion, and Experience
Clinicians x Data Scientists x Market Builders
Health delivery rewired to be lighter, immediate, precise, complete & with more assurances than ever.
#makeHealthHuman #noScheduling #onDemandSpecialists
Each of us has had a health story, especially those of us 50+, where:
Care was delayed | Issues went undiagnosed or untreated | Cost was not justified by value | The entire experience was frustrating, difficult, and overwhelming.
We all deserve to have happier & more fulfilling health stories.
Let’s build a global specialists network delivering precise, total, and inclusive care without barriers & boundaries powered by new healthcare ops and AI.
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Ash Damle
Ash Damle
Founder, Healiom