Health delivery rewired to be lighter, immediate, precise, complete & with more assurances than ever.

Because we all deserve to have
happier and more fulfilling health
stories than yesterday’s.

Human-First | Global | Unified

24/7 Comprehensive Care in Less Than 10 Mins With Just a Few Clicks

Access general practice and specialist doctors delivering complete care without barriers & boundaries wIth an
AI managed global market network platform

Empowering Consumers

  • Talk to a doctor in 10 mins or less
  • Access a broad range of coordinated services
  • Pick providers by credentials and preference
  • Multiple payment options, including insurance
  • A unified experience across all doctors & services
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Supporting Providers and Specialists

  • Immediate reimbursement
  • Access to broad global market
  • Constant global specialists support
  • Coordination of ancillary care
  • Ability to focus on top-of-license activities
  • Simplified billing
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Supercharging Health Systems & Telehealth Platforms

  • Be available to Members 24/7
  • Support your members and providers with global specialists
  • Simplify ancillary care coordination
  • Grow sustainably
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Ensuring Trust, Quality, & Speed By Re-engineering Healthcare Ops

Right Diagnosis,
Right Care,
Right Provider.
At All Times.

Applies and ensures known-known trends of medical science. Builds unique data set by aggregating and reviewing all information from consumers, labs, and providers. Supports next generation of open privacy research and medicine.
Intelligence, accuracy and speed increases with every interaction. The cumulative data set ensures continual quality service, optimal consumer and provider matches, and acceleration of care delivery.
New, real-time QA is created and available. Our QA process includes: merging specialist in-call, immediate second opinion, and combination of AI and human intel to ensure timely safety and value.

Health Ops Re-Engineered With A Distributed Service Model + AI Platform, Helping Realize the Power of Human Providers + Computational Care

Healiom applies MapReduce concepts to every health task, creating a scalable framework to realize the best of Human Powered High-Touch + AI Driven interactions using deep tech & proven science powered by a modern tech stack

Today's Real-time Needs & Data Simply Can’t Wait on Part-Time Care,
So We Built The Healiom Platform,
A Global Provider Network and AI to Solve That
Dynamic AI
Realtime, Acute &
Chronic Analysis

A Global Team Solving A Global Crisis With Care, Passion, and Experience

Clinicians x Data Scientists x Market Builders

Here’s a radical thought. Make good the priority, and everyone profits. It’s that simple of an idea. And that’s sustainable. It isn’t wishful thinking. Just smarter business and more human.